San Antonio is Danish design with an international vision. A versatile womenswear collection, offering casual daywear as well as partywear. The style is sporty, functional and always smart. The San Antonio woman is independent with a desire to look stylish at all times, whether going to work, going out or just pottering about in an exclusive track suit/ leisure wear.

San Antonio is known for:
  • Exuberant colour schemes
  • The use of only the best materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, leather and fur
  • Outstanding fitting and comfort
  • Unique details creating room for individuality
San Antonio is for the fashion conscious woman with a penchant for quality, who loves unique details and has a demand for a perfect fit.

It is all about lifestyle - which is just the case since back in 1975 when Bernhard Schultzer founded San Antonio. Instead of just following the mainstream of fashion, San Antonio has become the favourite brand among many women by focusing on personality and lifestyle in their design.

Of course the current fashion trends are taken into consideration. But they are transformed into the unique San Antonio style. Most of the garments are produced within Europe of French and Italian fabrics.

A style that unites casualness with elegance in a perfect way, showing any woman in the most favourable light.

The details underline the understated elegance leaving the collection filled with quality.

The fitting of San Antonio clothing is outstanding, ranging from size 34 to 46 (6-18); knitwear and jersey in size S to XXL.